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Dua Lipa songs do not need any search, she is such a famous artist that the interpretation of her singing is available on the internet. That’s why the collection of his best songs has been placed in front of you.

Dua Lipa is a famous singer and songwriter. A young lady who started her career in modeling has made her name famous in the world of music today. Dua Lipa has written and sung many good songs, her album is very famous even today. When I heard some of his songs on YouTube, ‘It’s catchy’, I researched who the artist was. As a result, I have written about the best songs by Dua Lipa.

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New Rules is one of the best pop songs of the century. It’s a treasure trove of emotions and I respect the sentiment shown in this song.


One kiss song is a mixture of love and music. Its lyrics are balanced and we listen again and again.


IDGAF tells a relationship, the song describes the relationship that has ended.

Break My Heart

Break My Heart song makes love go head-to-head and forget everything.


The song “Let’s get physical” is the song that has settled in the hearts of the fans. The melody of this song captures the love of the song.

Levitating Featuring DaBaby

She sings the same song which everyone gets stunned to hear and starts dancing. Perhaps this is the reason why we are all crazy about his singing.

Be The One

Blow Your Mind

Final Words

In a true sense, Dua Lipa has all the qualities of a true artist. All her songs are more than one, perhaps that is why whoever listens to her remains crazy about her singing. How did you like the music shown in this post, you should also give your opinion, only a fan can respect the artist’s art.

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