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Dua Lipa songs do not need any search, she is such a famous artist that the interpretation of her singing is available on the internet. That’s why the collection of his best songs has been placed in front of you.

Dua Lipa is a famous singer and songwriter. A young lady who started her career in modeling has made her name famous in the world of music today. Dua Lipa has written and sung many good songs, her album is very famous even today. When I heard some of his songs on YouTube, ‘It’s catchy’, I researched who the artist was. As a result, I have written about the best songs by Dua Lipa.

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New Rules is one of the best pop songs of the century. It’s a treasure trove of emotions and I respect the sentiment shown in this song.


One kiss song is a mixture of love and music. Its lyrics are balanced and we listen again and again.


IDGAF tells a relationship, the song describes the relationship that has ended.

Break My Heart

Break My Heart song makes love go head-to-head and forget everything.


The song “Let’s get physical” is the song that has settled in the hearts of the fans. The melody of this song captures the love of the song.

Levitating Featuring DaBaby

She sings the same song which everyone gets stunned to hear and starts dancing. Perhaps this is the reason why we are all crazy about his singing.

Be The One

Blow Your Mind

Final Words

In a true sense, Dua Lipa has all the qualities of a true artist. All her songs are more than one, perhaps that is why whoever listens to her remains crazy about her singing. How did you like the music shown in this post, you should also give your opinion, only a fan can respect the artist’s art.

Ed Sheeran love songs

Ed sheeran love songs

Whenever I think of the best love songs, Ed Sheeran love songs come to mind. He is a world-famous singer and the unique connection of love, lust, and sweetness in his music is unimaginable. The special thing is that you enjoy the song sung by him at marriage, the party also. As his singing has now become a part of our life.

Ed Sheeran has come a long way since his debut album and continues to rule everyone’s hearts. His album Divide is still the first choice of fans.


Shape of you

One will listen to this song, again and again, Ed Sheeran has given life to this song so beautifully.

“Perfect” By Ed Sheeran

The lyrics of Ed Sheeran’s perfect song are very sweet. It seems that this song will absorb all the loneliness in itself.

Thinking Out Loud, By Ed Sheeran

Thinking Out Loud is one of my favorite songs. This song touches the heart so much that you see the reviews of the fans on the internet.


Photograph lyrics are so lovey that touches my heart. I love Ed Sheeran’s Photograph song so much. It is such that it touches the soul of any person and everyone falls in love.

All of The Stars

Ed Sheeran’s All of The Stars song is so adorable. The lyrics of the song are very beautiful and depict love.

Listen and Download Ed Sheeran love songs

Although you will find a lot of Ed Sheeran music on the internet, I will only recommend you the official channel on YouTube. You will also get the original song available on Amazon, which is one of the best options.

Luv Is Rage 2 Album Download

get music dvd love is rage 2

Luv Is Rage 2 is the most popular music album, by famous American rapper Lil Uzi Vert. You can download this Music album free and also buy the original DVD from Amazon.

Luv Is Rage 2 music album was released on August 25, 2017, by Generation now and Atlantic records. You can download free music on youtube and also get this original DVD from Amazon. The quality of sound is very good, download this album and enjoy the music.

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Luv Is Rage 2 Album Song

  1. Two
  2. 444 + 222
  3. Sauce it up
  4. No Sleep Leak (Clean)
  5. The Way Life Goes (feat. Oh Wonder)
  6. For Real
  7. Feelings Mutual [Clean]
  8. Neon Guts (feat. Pharrell Williams)
  9. Early 20 Rager [Clean]
  10. UnFazed (feat. The Weeknd)
  11. Pretty Mami
  12. How To Talk [Clean]
  13. X [Clean]
  14. Malfunction [Clean]
  15. Dark Queen
  16. Xo Tour Llif3

How to Bring More Happiness in our Life?


We have to adapt ourselves to such situations which will bring more happiness in our life. Experiencing happiness and knowing ourselves is the essence of life for us. There is no person who does not have any problem in life, apart from being a woman, I am also a mother. I have learned to be happy, understand and recognize relationships in life.

Positive thinking helps power to be succeed

We have to try to control our thoughts. We have to feel good, be happy, and have hope in mind, so we have to keep positive thinking. It is very important to generate good thoughts in life. That’s why you have to focus your attention on positive things in life. As I focus my attention on good books so that positivity can arise in me.

Best Websites for free music.

Best ways to bring more happiness in life

We have to be happy, this life is given to us by God and there is nothing that we cannot do. We have to find ourselves and fulfill our desires. In order to find something we like, we have to find what we like. This is not the end, it is just the beginning of life. Let us now take our thoughts on our lifestyle and know-how we will bring more happiness in life.

I am writing down some tips to help you fill more happiness in your life. These are easy and feasible solutions that you can easily use and feel joy in life.

Read your mind

You have to read your mind first so that your mind will be aware of the truth of life. This is where the base of our search begins. This will make you realize your desires, all you have to do is choose positive thoughts, and live them every moment.

listen to your heart

Listen to your heart and choose your happiness in whatever is in it. You cannot run away from yourself, the relationship is priceless but you cannot keep yourself in despair for the life God has given you. Think if you see yourself happy, then how many such relationships are near you who are happy in your happiness. You got my point. 😊

Live with passion

My curiosity is that I can fulfill every dream of my life, see nothing is impossible. You can do everything that someone else is doing and you too can enjoy all those pleasures of life, all you have to do is live your life with enthusiasm in a positive way.

Where to find positive thoughts to Bring More happiness

There were many paths, but now we have reached the destination. Every step we walk together and now the destination has been reached. They used to ask where will happiness be found, I say we reached here together. Tell me, is this happiness less than anyone?
Bring more happiness in life

We can find positive thoughts for ourselves in books, we can make best friends who rejoice in our happiness and we in theirs. Friends whose thoughts matter to us. We have to live in such an environment that gives strength to our souls and arouses desire in our hearts. Maybe even love, yes the love that teaches us to live and slowly comes in our ears and says that I am the only one whom you are looking for. I am your moment which has brought more happiness in your life.

Taylor Swift Lover Album Songs & Videos Download


Let us talk about Taylor Swift’s lover album Songs & Videos Download. LOVER is the seventh music album by singer and songwriter Taylor Swift. This is a most romantic music album which has 18 tracks.

Let me write a short and honest review about the Taylor Swift music album. Taylor Swift is always amazing. I like all the tracks and thought about listing my favorites here, but it was practically all of them. It is a super romantic album and I am very happy to write this review on Valentine’s Day. I am very happy to share a detailed review of this album so that you can download or buy the album. It is totally worth it. And yes, if you buy the CD from Amazon, you will get the original.

Taylor Swift Lover Album Songs

1. I Forgot You Existed

The magic and talent of Taylor Swift are world-renowned. The beginning of the album is so excellent that it is impossible to mention it in fewer words. There was no better start than the song ‘I Forgot You Existed’.

2. Cruel Summer

Yes, Taylor has done it again. I heard the song ‘Cruel Summer’ many times and tried my best to feel it. Amazing. I remember an interview given by Taylor Swift to Vogue about this album. Read this interesting interview.

3. Lover

The same song as the name, why should we not fall in love? Yes, today this song is on Valentine’s Day, and this article written by me is all dedicated to love. This is the essence of the song Lover.😍

Download Lover Album Songs

There are many ways to listen to and download free music but as a fan, I will only introduce you to the right medium. By the way, YouTube is the most excellent tool where you can listen to your favorite music along with the video. Apart from this, there are some other best websites from where you can listen and download free Music.

If you are interested in video songs, then this special list is for you from where you can download free HD video songs.

4. The Man [Explicit]

5. The Archer

6. The Archer

7. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

8. Paper Rings

9. Cornelia Street

10. Death By A Thousand Cuts

11. London Boy

12. Soon You’ll Get Better [feat. The Chicks]

13. False God

14. You Need To Calm Down

15. Afterglow

16. ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) [feat. Brendon Urie]

17. It’s Nice To Have A Friend

18. Daylight


I have written the right review for you from my heart, yes it is true that I am a fan but it is also true that Taylor Swift is great in the art of music and the ‘Lover’ album is a better example of that.

Reputation Album by Taylor Swift

Reputation Album by Taylor Swift
Image Credit: Amazon

Reputation album knocked the hearts of millions in the year 2017. Are you ready for it to download this music album by Taylor swift? Its songs became very famous and people were competing to buy audio CDs and download albums online. I often buy music albums by Amazon and recommend everyone to buy original from them.

Taylor Swift Reputation Album(2017)

Artist: Taylor Swift Album: Reputation Label: Big Machine Records, LLC. Released Date: 2017 Length: 55:38

Album Songs

  1. Ready for it?
  2. End Game(feat: Ed Sheeran & Future)
  3. I Did Something Bad
  4. Don’t Blame Me
  5. Delicate.
  6. Look what you made me do
  7. So it goes…
  8. Gorgeous
  9. Getaway Car
  10. King of my heart
  11. Dancing with our hands tied
  12. Dress
  13. This is why we can’t have nice things
  14. Call it what you want
  15. New Year’s Day.

This album fits my expectations perfectly and I think you might have liked it too. Every song of this will make you feel different and you can listen again and again. I love Ed Sheeran’s, You can also download the Ed Sheeran Divide album. Apart from this, there are many other options from which you can download this album. Because we only write about the original product, so we did not put other options before you.

Lady Gaga Joanne album music

Lady Gaga Joanne album

Free download Lady Gaga Joanne album and video songs. You can download the original music album from Amazon for a low price. In addition, you have many other options for downloading free music, about which I am giving you information through this article. Album released on 21 October 2016.

This is a popular and good album in which Lady Gaga has filled the color with her music. All the songs in this album are good, out of which I liked Million Reasons and Perfect Illusion. Joanne is a huge, exciting departure of Lady Gaga’s standard music style. I think the album is completely better, and the time passes well after listening to it.

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Lady Gaga Joanne Album Songs

Lady Gaga ‘Joanne’ has a total of 11 songs in the album which is interesting and fun to hear. Actually, if you follow my advice, I would ask you to take the original album.

  1. Diamond Heart (Explicit)
  2. A-YO
  3. Joanne
  4. John Wayne
  5. Dancin in Circle
  6. Perfect Illusion
  7. Million Reasons
  8. Sinner’s Prayers
  9. Come to Mama(Explicit)
  10. Hey Girl(feat. Florence welch)
  11. Angel Down

This record is a wonderful example of Lady Gaga’s art which cannot be described in words. She has given new birth to the pop genre once again. Lady Gaga has a special ability to capture any style and make it her own and that is why she is great.

Best Apps for download Hindi, English songs

download Hindi English songs

There are so many apps are available on the Internet to download Hindi English Songs, and out of which Gaana Music, JioSaavn and Google play music is very popular in India. You can enjoy music in various languages here, JioSaavn app is available on Google Play Store.

Jio Saavn is the most special music app in which you can listen to your favorite songs and can also create a gallery of your favorite music. There is a huge collection of Hindi and English songs, which you will want to listen to again and again, and your mind will be keen to listen to more music.

Be it a moment of loneliness or a romantic moment, music is associated with our hearts. We listen to music for our peace of mind. Whether it is love or loneliness, music gives a colorful life to everyone’s life. So JioSaavn app is a better option for downloading Hindi English songs.

Best free music apps for download Hindi English songs

There are many other music apps like JioSaavn through which you can download Hindi English songs for free. You can listen to the music you want on music apps by taking a free or premium subscription. However, I am currently enjoying a free subscription

Apart from this, many music apps like Wynk Music, Gaana, I Tune are available on Google Play Store. You can download the music app of your choice for free and enjoy the music. There is a wide variety of melodious songs that merge many genres, artists, and languages. Apart from this, it is better than many other music apps.

By the way, I have also installed Google Play Music and Gaana app on my smartphone, both are the best music streaming apps. Here is the best collection of new and old songs, you can listen to and download free music.

How to understand love and its importance

I believe in love and understand love. Love has a special significance in our life. True love appreciates emotions and always believes in possibilities. I have always believed that love is immortal. When we feel love by separating from our imagination, then we can get love.

How do I understand love?

To understand love, you need a heart, and a sense of emotion together. When we give our heart to someone, we do not expect to get anything in return. We value the relationship and make every effort to fulfill it. It is a feeling that comes from within the heart and makes its place. You get to know their heart without saying anything and understand their feelings. You have some curiosity in your mind, maybe you want to get something and live those moments. we give time to our love and try to keep your partner happy. To get love, it is very important to have trust.

How to recognize true love?

It is very difficult to find and recognize true love. We all live to get love so that we can get true love. This is a precious gift that needs to be understood before getting it. Love is austerity, which teaches us the importance of life. Achieving true love is equivalent to finding God, it teaches us the definition of life and love. Love is a dedication, in love, we surrender our soul to our love and then we feel love. It gives us a pleasant feeling, we also get ourselves by surrendering our soul. Apart from this, we get the feeling of living a new life and we feel complete. Love is priceless, we have to live and dedication is always in our minds. We are all in love and it is good for us too. Love is the best gift in life, it teaches us to give life. This is an experience that I have lived through my heart. Have you ever loved anyone? If your answer is yes then please share your experience with me.

Best English Learning Apps

Girl with phone

Here are the best English learning apps that help students learn and improve English. With the help of these apps, everyone can learn the English language at home or anywhere on their mobile devices. Learning English is very important for us today. It develops our skills and we are able to communicate everywhere. Apart from this, learning this language enables us to understand foreign cultures.

Well, I would advise you to speak and start the language along with using an app. I hope these best English learning apps will be helpful for you, and as a result, you will get good results. If you are looking for an app to learn English, then I keep a list of some effective apps in front of you. Each app is designed according to users’ needs, I recommend these apps.

ELSA Speak: English Accent Coach

ELSA is a great English language lecture assistant, it trains you to speak English like an American. This is a great language app that helps you learn English. Along with this, it helps in correcting your accent and speaking English.

This is one of the best apps with the right smart algorithm to process sound and pronunciation. It helps to absorb the mistakes made in pronunciation and work on them.

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Memrise: Learn Languages, Grammar & Vocabulary

This platform is very good for learning English and other languages, definitely, if you go for a pro, then it is one of the best apps. Its free version is limited to a small course, so you’ll need a premium.

Its premium version goes a long way in comparison to any competitors and gives some actual additional functionality instead of just finishing the ads.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

This is one of the finest Android apps for learning languages. Apart from this, it simplifies the language as a result of which you can easily understand the languages. You can learn different languages easily with its help. Its interface is very beautiful and there are no annoying ads on it. This App is quite effective and efficient in the education system.

Learn English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, and Welsh.

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Learn with Premium English Learning Apps

Busuu: Learn Languages

With the help of the Busuu App, you can learn English Spanish and many other languages. It is very easy to learn English and its premium upgrade is worth it. I personally recommend this app, it is really helpful to improve your English.

The specialty of this app is that there are people available to correct your mistakes. Although other apps are also helpful, Busuu is able to enrich your English with a friendly and practical vocabulary and grammar for you.

Rosetta Stone

This is another great app for learning English and other languages. It is very convenient for users, although it is also a great learning tool for learning other languages. I’m not hesitant to say that by using Rosetta, you will learn English.

It is a very innovative way to learn English. Rosetta Stone’s app itself is nice! It’s smooth and responsive.

The final words about these best English learning apps

This is a better way of learning English easily, but learning depends on you. Personally, I recommend these best English learning app and wished for your bright future. keep learning:)