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About Us

Welcome to Thefolkslife a platform where it’s all about getting inspired to be your best self. Here you can find all things related to style, career, wellness, and travel. We’re a lifestyle blog that believes in promoting positivity and leading a healthy, and happy lifestyle. Life is a journey, which you meet to determine the result, so we want to inspire you to create a path for what you do and for whatever you do.

It’s a community for those looking to be inspired and encouraged. And for the people who crave authenticity in a filtered, materialistic world. It’s for the minimalists. The people who want to be psyched about marriage. The people who want to hear about lessons learned, and to share theirs too. For people who make mistakes. And people who like coffee (but it’s not required). Thefolkslife is for you. Because it’s a place for humans to be human.

Hi! I'm

Rahul Chugh

The founder of Designing and photography are my biggest passions. Writing has always been my passion, so my blog allowed me to write about everything. I focus on My favorite topics: Music Travel, Humor, and Relationship while dabbling in anything that sparks my interest.I share my strategies to make this a successful blog, how to manage real lifestyle, fashion, and travel, I believe in sharing great content and information with the world. Blogging is not easy It’s a full-time job: Writing, taking photos, editing, commenting and so much more.When I started this blog I wasn’t sure of my direction. I only knew I was passionate about it. For the last few years, I worked in Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Graphics Designing, advertising, and basically anything to do with the online landscape.

Rahul Chugh