Rain Clouds – What Type of Clouds Are Rain Clouds?

rain clouds

Almost everyone sees the Rain clouds in almost every season. And it is the most attractive and enjoyable symbol of all weather events. Clouds are formed through the process of density when water vapor from the oceans rises in the atmosphere and when it cools, it dissolves in the structures of the cloud.

Clouds keep the energy of the Earth balanced. Rain clouds cool down the earth by reflecting the sunlight on the earth. Cloud is very important in our life, in a way it is a never-ending cycle. It fills the earth with water and keeps the earth balance.

Nimbus Cloud

Nimbus clouds color is dark gray, which covers the sunlight. It is not usually like a liquid but it is like a cold ice. It is based on temperature, if the weather is hot then it will be liquid or otherwise snowy.

Cirrus Clouds

Cirrus cloud is a lightning white cloud that is adorable in view. It looks like a streak in the sky.

Cirrostratus & Cirrostratus Clouds


This is the beauty of the cloud. It looks like a ring-shaped circle on the sun and the moon. At such times we expect rain or snow.

Cirrocumulus: This cloud is white, round and small in appearance.

Cumulus, Stratocumulus & Stratus Clouds

Cumulus: Its a clean weather cloud. Each cloud looks very beautiful like flowers.

Stratocumulus: During this cloud, the sun sometimes disappears, as the cloud covered the sun. This cloud appears to be full spread in the sky.

Stratus: Looks like a haze. This cloud is visible in the air, in dense fog, and in the morning.

Rain Clouds

Nimbostratus: When the clouds come, then the sky becomes in dark. It covers the sky and hides the sun. There is a whole possibility of bad weather.

Cumulonimbus:  At such times there is more chance of stormy rain. This rains with the strong storm.